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Weekly update

I can’t believe another week has passed. I’ve been reading some scholarly articles, Estonian Lifelong learning Strategy and analysis of e-learning usage in University of Tartu in 2013. The questionnaire I talked about has only 8 answers so far, so I’ve written another letter to beg for more people to answer.

Meanwhile I’ve found new tool suitable for people with million things to do and no memory to remember the deadlines. It is Tom’s Planner – online Gantt chart software that seems to be really simple to use (hence the post).


Project outline

My Professional Learning Project

  • Topic/task  (what is my overall topic?):
    – To learn enough about current trends in higher education and e-learning to be able to create (hunt and gather?) package of methods for my field (humanities).
  • Purpose/goals (what am I doing it all for? … what do I try to achieve?):
    I am trying to change the nature of my current job, to make it more challenging and meaningful.
    – On the other hand I want to support the change in study methods, especially for the non-staff teachers.
    – Therefore I need to get to know which e-learning methods are suitable for teaching humanities
  • Resources/instruments (what resources and instruments do I use?… or  intend to use?):
    – People
    — People I work with
    — My learning network
    Web resources
    — Academic journals
    — Educational resources
    —Conference videos
    –Social media (blogs, wikis etc)
    Instruments (I have used so far)
    – The main instrument
    — My personal laptop
    – Web instruments and widgets
    — Search engine (aka Google)
    — Library databases
    — Mindmapping software (XMind)
    — Social media (Facebook pages and groups, Twitter) for information
    — Social media (Skype, Facebook) for communication
    — RSS aggregator (Feedly) for
    — Blogs
    — I follow
    — My own
    — E-mailing
    — MOOC (Coursera)
    — PDF Organiser Mendeley
    — GoogleForm for questionnaire
  • Actions/strategies (what are the things I do? … or intend to do?)
    Reading challenge
    — Reports and development plans
    – Mapping current situation
    — Questionnaire for the staff
    – Getting to know the topic
    — Read about teaching methods for humanities
    — participate MOOCs etc
    – Making a PLAN
    — Finding the teachers who are willing to try new methods
    — Creating outline for method toolbox
  • Outcomes (what are the intended outcomes of my project?)
    Create method toolbox for humanities
    — Intermediate result – outline for method toolbox – finding methods and analysing their suitability for humanities
    – Current situation mapped – found people to work with
    – Create outline for one course
  • Evaluation criteria (how do I want to evaluate how I was doing? … how do I know if I was successful?)
    I have confirmed an understanding
    — Of the current trends of higher education
    — E-learning methods most suitable in humanities
    – I have found at least one person who is willing to try out creating a course with e-learning support (or using more interactivity in his/her course)

P.S. I’m sorry how bad this thing looks. WordPress is not my friend today.